I spend my working days in all types of homes, most of them big and high-end, some of them done SO right, and some of them filled with many various design & functionality errors.  And the most ironic part of this scenario is that folks are spending a whole lot of dough to have some simple things done SO strangely.  When client pay a lot of hard-earned money, they deserve to have some things thought through a bit more by their architects, designers and home builders.


FIRST, though, lets focus on the good stuff... the things being done RIGHT! SEE: Exibit A, toilet photo. Now don't laugh... this is actually a REALLY big deal! Let's face it, we all use the toilet, EVERY DAY. Therefore they need cleaned, and cleaned well, regularly.



* TOILET:  This is a super easy fix to the awful problem of all the nooks and crannies on 'the throne' that get so dirty and are really hard to keep clean.  THIS is how the crapper should ALWAYS have been designed and this is the ONLY type of toilet I would EVER put in my new or remodeled home. Enough said! (If you don't get it, then you have obviously never cleaned the toilet in your house or anywhere else!)



Notice Exhibit B: A beautiful new bathroom sink - done right! How so you ask? What, you can't see it?


* VANITY SINK & FIXTURE:   This bathroom vanity sink and fixture were designed and installed properly and I'll explain why.  First of all, the marble counter-top is also used as a back-splash to prevent water from splashing up on the mirror. YAY! Every home-owner and cleaning ladies dream right here, for sure. The other equally important feature is the manner in which the faucet fixture was installed. The photo doesn't quite do it justice, but this builder has made sure to not place the faucet directly up to the glass, which ALSO saves a whole lot of splash on the mirror and allows room to clean that water up with ease.  (You wouldn't believe how many times recently I've seen it all done opposite, and in million dollar homes!)



And lastly, as far as compliments go, please view Exibit C - FLOOR PROTECTION photo!



* What a totally NOVEL idea: PROTECTING one of the very thing the home-owner has been so excited to install and enjoy in their newly built or remodeled home: the floors! (In this case, beautiful hard-wood floors!) This builder has chosen to use the thinner, paper-type of covering, which worked great because the flooring was installed towards the end of the project. Many great builders choose to use a thicker type of floor protection, such as Ram-Board, especially when the floors are installed earlier in the job. It's worth all the money involved to make SURE and put funds in the build budget for any & all forms of surface protection on the property. Please see my former passionate blog posts on this vital subject.




Here's another example of surface protection done inexpensively, but still well done. (see photo of counter-top below). Some builders also use thicker more expensive cardboard type protection on counter surfaces, and we do highly recommend that for an even better protection overall.



In closing, might I say that although we are happy to use our expertise to clean-up all the messes that come in conjunction with building a home, on behalf of all the home-owner clients out there, let's keep on PROTECTING property as well as keeping in mind some simple good design & functionality ideas.


My NEXT BLOG will be about the things that are WRONG when it comes to home builds and remodels (in my humble opinion anyway!) Until then, you'll find me down in the trenches so to speak, keeping post-construction clean-up at its best! And trying to learn some industry-helpful Spanish, for goodness sake!  Stay tuned........ :-)


Tiffany Evors

Expert Property Clean Up




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